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CBL 32 was made in 1934 (Maker: Margaret Cable). It illustrates the Mediterranean influence: Greek amphora handles and Egyptian lotus flowers are clearly present. This piece was made in the heart of the Great Depression. Perhaps Cable was hoping to find a new direction and stimulate pottery sales, which had dropped significantly. See CBL 53 below in this case. Although the heavy glaze thickness somewhat obstructs the images on this green vase, similar trees and landscape can be seen in the fireplace that Cable produced for her home.


CBL 53 was made in 1932 (Maker: Margaret Cable) and is an atypical design thought to have been done in response to a set of glass slides illustrating the Egyptian, Greek and Persian pottery. Cable was always looking for new ideas and trying to stimulate the sale of pottery during the Depression. The two small plates are examples of the Ceramics Department’s efforts to broaden their markets by participating in “The American Designs, Inc.” project. They were stamped on the bottom with “Prairie Pottery, UND, Grand Forks.” The Ceramics Department participated in nationwide promotional project for one year.