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CBL 5 and CBL 17 (Maker: Margaret Kelly Cable) illustrate the likeness of landscape that was initially being achieved in the pottery. Later, the works made in the department became much more simplified and stylized. (See Case #6) The CBL 106 (Maker: Margaret Kelly Cable) 1933 All American Turkey Show bentonite vase is an example of the production work that was done to supplement the Ceramics Departments budget. In the mid 30’s as the Great Depression deepened the department’s budget was cut and finally eliminated altogether for one biennium. Small salaries were provided by the sale of pottery and class registration fees paid for the special classes. This piece was not sold because of Cable’s error in the spelling of “Grand Forks,”


The CBL 038 (Maker: Margaret Kelly Cable) lamp base uses the very popular flickertail theme. The flickertail was the mascot of the University of North Dakota at the time and the image can be seen on many pieces in this exhibition.