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Flora Cable Huckfield produced many of the pieces that were sold by the University through the gift shop and department store outlets. Most of the time the pieces were standard mold make forms that had been developed by various students and instructors. HCK 6 (Maker: Huckfield) and HCK13 (Maker: Huckfield) are notable exceptions.

The two turkey vases were likely studies for the award pieces that were made for the All American Turkey Shows of the mid-thirties. Records indicate that the Ceramics Department was commissioned to make award for several years. HCK 45 (Maker: Huckfield) “The March Hare” and HCK 5 (Maker: Huckfield) “The Mosquito” as they are both titled on the bottom, are two uniquely carved forms.


MSC 75 Laura Taylor made the Native American bookends. She was very talented at creating animals and figurines. Laura and her husband R.J. Hughes established Wahpeton Pottery Company in 1941. Their product line was known as Rosemeade.