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Three tile pieces show a distinctly Asian influence and theme. The Maquette of a drain tile MSC 327 (Maker: Unknown) illustrates the commercial, industrial and artistic use of clay found in western North Dakota. Drain tile, sewer tile, facing brick, porcelain insulators and pottery were all produced using North Dakota clay.

In 1904 Dean Babcock sent quantities of North Dakota clay to a number of eastern potteries to be made into pottery for the St. Louis Exposition. The exhibition was very successful in illustrating the high quality of ND clay to members of the legislature. The NC MSC 7 was made by Ferock Studio in Zanesville, Ohio for the 1909 National Corn Exposition.

Middle Row

Under glaze stains are being tested on these test tiles. Numerous experiments were conducted and recorded over many years on the color and fit of a large number of glazes.

Bottom Row

Under glaze stains were painted in circles on these three plates and a variety of glazes painted over the top of the stains in pie shaped wedges.