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Lidded objects of many different styles and functions were produced by the Ceramics Department throughout the first 50 first years.


The MTT 138 and MTT 130 (Maker: Julia Mattson) are examples of a tobacco jar and a Sioux water bottle. The bottle has the symbols of the Sioux Calendar around the shoulder of the form.

The condiment jar on loan by Tony Hanson, is an excellent example of the sgraffito decorative technique. See Case 10 for a full description of the sgraffito process.


The small decaled jewelry box and tea pots are examples of hundreds of pieces pottery that were made for sale through the various gift shops, drug stores and retail outlets. In 1938 Mr. A.E. Spencer was hired to sell pottery in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota Nebraska, Iowa, and Nebraska. Over the next ten years 248 different molds-(pottery forms), were made for reproducing pottery to be sold by Spencer and out of the Ceramics Department.