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Ceramics is alive and thriving at UND. The Ceramics Department, now the ceramics area within the Department of Art and Design, celebrated its centennial in 2010. There are only a handful of clay programs in the USA that can boast that length of history. If you’re viewing this site, chances are you were a part of that history and success of our program.

There were a number of activities developed to celebrate the centennial.

The principle one was the retrospective show titled 50/50: The Cable Years/The Contemporary Years. (See “Centennial Celebration” button on this web site.) An attempt was made to contact all former clay students. Those that were active in ceramics in some way were invited to submit images of their work for possible inclusion in the exhibition. Over 600 students took a beginning level ceramics class and at least one additional clay class from Professor Miller in the last 40 years. With the help of the UND Alumni Association and Foundation, we were able to contact about half of those students.

The opening of 50/50: The Cable Years/The Contemporary Years was April 17, 2010. The exhibition was in two locations. “The Cable Years” was at the Columbia Mall in Grand Forks and was hosted by the University of North Dakota and the Columbia Mall. “The Contemporary Years” was at the North Dakota Museum of Art on the UND campus and is hosted by the UND and the NDMOA. It was the opening event celebrating the ceramics centennial and represent the spectrum of clay work that has been done by our former and present students. The North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society held their convention in Grand Forks June 10, 2010, which coinciding with the close of the exhibition.